Preparation is being done through the following points:

Washing the face: The face should be washed clean and prepare for shaving, to avoid infections and skin irritation.

Shortening the beard: In the case of a long beard, it is important to shorten it using special scissors for hair before starting to shave, as the long beard greatly impedes the shaving process.

Moisturizing the face: Moisturizing the face with hot or warm water makes the skin and hair more supple, and opens the pores of the skin, thereby facilitating the throat process.

The steps for preparing shaving tools are as the following points:

Choosing good razor: When choosing a razor, several things must be taken into consideration, namely hair roughness, skin texture, and the preferred shaving method whether using traditional blades, or using multiple blade (2-3 -5 blade razors).

Keeping the razors clean and sharp: By washing them with cold water, and avoid the use of hot water, because it makes the blade wide, thus losing its effectiveness.

Chin can be shaved by the following steps:

  • Start shaving with both sides of the face, because they are easier to handle, and this is done by moving the razor slowly on the face with the direction of hair growth, take care not to press hard, the goal is to cut the hair and not the skin.
  • Moving to more difficult spots, such as: the mustache area, the lower lip, and the neck, and shaving it by stretching the skin slightly to make the surface of the skin flat, making the shaver easy to slide.
  • Rinse the face with cold water when finished, and a post-shave cream can be applied.
  • Repeat the process, depending on how quickly your hair grows.